When You Know You’ve Gone Too Far

Because I live frugally, I am able to save money, not spending a great deal on the items I need. However, over the years, I have gone far beyond being frugal, sometimes going into cheap mode. It is wonderful to spend less and save money, being frugal in purchases. But it can easily become unhealthy when you are so cheap, you are not purchasing the things you need because you do not want to spend the money. There is a fine line between being frugal and being cheap, sometimes I tend to blur the line and go too far.

Going without Clothing or Shoes
In the past, I have went without certain pieces of clothing to not spend money. I have worn tennis shoes for years to not have to pay for new ones or put a shirt back on the rack that I liked just because it was going to cost me over $20. It can be easy to slip into super cheap mode when you are used to living frugally. When this happens, you have to tell yourself that it is okay to spend the money and that you will not be broke just by purchasing the items you need. Give yourself a pep talk and be okay with spending the money.

Denying Your Children Time and Time Again
When you find that you are denying your children money or the option to purchase even the smallest item, then you have taken frugality to an entirely new level. You have to teach them how to spend money wisely, but if they want a $1 candy bar, it is okay to let them have it every now and then. Think about how you are responding to your children when they ask for things and remember to give in every now and then so you do not go down the road to being completely cheap when shopping.

Hoarding Money
As you travel down the road of being frugal, you will begin to save money. As you save money, you can tend to begin to hoard it. Savers will get a thrill from saving cash and will begin to place money in jars or envelopes at home, keeping it from the spouse or loved ones. It is okay to save money and create a savings account. But be careful. You should not deny your spouse money because you are afraid to spend it. You must find a happy medium between spending and saving to meet your goals but also remain happy in your relationship with your loved ones.