Top Frugal Sources We Learn From

As a family that saves money, we are always looking for new sources to learn how to be frugal. There are always articles online and programs that can be used to learn new ways to save. I would like to share a few of these sources with you, so below are a few of my favorite resources for saving money and living a more frugal lifestyle.

Believe it or not, Pinterest is a great resource for saving money. You can learn tips and tricks from individuals from around the world based on your savings need. Want to take a trip to Disney World? Try a trick found on Pinterest. Create a jar that says Dimes for Disney. Whenever you have a dime, put it in the jar. You can save money rather quickly for a nice trip to the most magical place on earth. Whatever you wish to save for or want to learn how to spend less on, you will find information on the unique website.

Krazy Koupon Lady
One of my favorite resources, especially during the holidays, is the Krazy Koupon Lady. This young lady helps me save on items I purchase for gifts during the holidays as well as how to save on household items and couponing. Her many Facebook pages are great resources that you can follow to learn about the latest sales and how you can save money on items you intend on purchasing. From coupon codes to money off, you will find great savings by using this resource.

Dave Ramsey
For many years, Dave Ramsey has been a go-to for learning how to save money. The financial guru has a website and programs you can purchase, but you can also find tips and tricks from his programs online. You can use his advice to learn how to pay off debt quickly or to simply learn how to spend less on items you need in everyday life.

My Mother
My best frugal source in my life has been my mother. My mother was a single mom and had to work hard to provide for me and my sister. I watched her pinch pennies and shop frugally to get what we needed without spending a lot. From shopping in thrift stores to yard sales, I learned how to spend less and use her teachings to this day. Think of people you know who are frugal and you can use them as a live resource to learning how to save money!