Studies Show Happiness Isn’t Gained From Riches

We all struggle with wanting more. More money, more material items, luxury vacations, etc. It is common to feel unhappy because you do not have what everyone around you has. When you feel this way, it is important to get your mind going in the right direction. Take a look at what you do have. Family, friends, a home, a vehicle, your health. All of this is important and many times taken for granted.

As a mother, I want my children to learn that happiness is not gained from being rich. Having money does not necessarily mean that you will not have problems, just like you would if you were not loaded with money. Many people feel they need to make a ton of money and spend it on big homes and fancy cars. This is not the case. You may feel excited for a while but if you are truly unhappy, then the ‘rich stuff’ will not make you happier.

In my life, I am a very frugal person. I do not spend my money frivolously and I think long and hard before making any major purchases. I take joy in the little things, so I can easily feel happy by enjoying a nice cup of hot chocolate or hearing my children laugh. It is when you slow down and look at what you have in life, that you can truly begin to let go of other individuals ideals of what happy should be and find your own path to happiness.

Consider your latest big splurge. Did you really need to buy the item? Are you truly happier now that you have the item in your life? Would you be happier if you spent time with family or friends or used the money in a different way, perhaps a trip? This is why I consider all of my purchases. It is so easy to become caught up in everyday life or the excitement of a new gadget. Individuals make impulse buys and then regret it later. You do not have to be like everyone else and have an item just because everyone else does. Be your own person, feeling secure in what you have.

If you are someone who feels you must have everything everyone else does, you will need to change your way of thinking if you want to truly be happy. There are always underlying issues that are blocking your happiness. Consider what may be bothering you deep down to make the changes needed to feel secure with your self-worth and not dependent on material items to make you feel happy.