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How to Get People to Embrace Your Lifestyle

When you live a cheap lifestyle, many people just think you are cheap and hoarding your money. While some may understand your way of living, others may look down upon you or have trouble understanding your way of thinking. You can get people to embrace your lifestyle by showing how you save money as well as sharing your goals as to what you plan on doing with the money you save.

Coupons, Coupons, Coupons
One way I live cheaply is to use coupons. I am able to save a ton on my food purchases as well as health and beauty items. Whenever I show people how I use coupons to save money, they are simply amazed. Many items I am able to get for free, which most people think is impossible. But it’s not! I love taking disbelievers on trips to the store to show how I use coupons to save money and then they want to become cheap themselves, using coupons to save!

Sharing my Goals
I have several goals when it comes to living cheaply. First, I want to pay off my existing home. I work hard to make sure I can pay more than my house payment, by taking money that would otherwise be used for groceries or clothing items. Once I have paid off my home, I will be able to sell and then build a home on land I own. I share this information with my friends so they can see that I am not just living cheaply because I do not want to spend money, I am doing so to reach an end goal. This does not mean that once the goal is met I will stop saving money. I love living cheaply and will continue to do so for years to come!

Sharing is Caring
I feel that if I share how to save money with others, they will see the many benefits that can exist with sharing. I want others to be able to make goals and meet them, simply by spending money in a different way. By starting with just considering your spending habits, you can spend less and use the money you have to create a savings account. This savings account can be used for anything you like; a rainy day, vacation or even retirement. Be smart with your money. Realizing that living cheaply is not so bad can help you to enjoy your life more, having time with friends and family, making memories that will last a lifetime!

Some Things In Life You Can’t Be Frugal With

While I consider myself the most frugal mom on the planet, saving money on any and everything my children and family need, I do know that there are some things you just cannot be frugal with. In many areas of life, you can go the cheap route and everything is fine and dandy, but with major purchases, cheaper is not always better. I have found that when you are purchasing a vehicle, home or major appliances, you need to spend a little to be able to enjoy the benefits. That doesn’t mean I don’t save money though! I always save money and do my very best to find ways to save as much as I can, no matter what item I am purchasing.
One of the areas I do not skimp with is a vehicle. I look at purchasing vehicles a little differently than other frugal individuals. Most would buy a cheap car and have it paid for. I do not do this. I purchase a relatively new vehicle, making sure I get a good deal of course, and make sure the payment is something I can afford. Because I have good credit, I can pay less per month for a vehicle, allowing me to pay off the car quickly. With an older model, you have to worry about constant repairs. With a new vehicle, there is little maintenance, so you save money from the very beginning.
Car and Homeowners Insurance
As an adult, you must have insurance on your vehicles as well as home. I have found that you can save money by combining the two with one provider. I shop around of course, and look for the best deal, but the longer you stay with a company, the better incentives you will have. By using the same provider for both insurance needs, I get an initial discount on service. Then I research other options to save money as well, helping me to pay less to have my home and vehicle covered.
Home Purchase
Another major purchase for adults is a home. Purchasing a home is an investment and a wise one if you do it correctly. Renting is convenient but you are throwing thousands of dollars away each and every month. By purchasing a home, you are investing in something that can make you money down the road or be a solid home to enjoy for years to come. When purchasing a home, consider a lower priced option that can be remodeled, if you have the skill, to get a good deal and make the property your own, plus gain equity as you fix the home up!