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5 Easy Ways You Can Be Advertising on Social Media

Having a social media presence is necessary in today’s world. Society gathers much of its information and bases much of its opinion of businesses from social media. It is important to be present, engaging, and interactive with your social media audience as well as providing them with content they want to look at or read.

Discounts for Followers

Offer promotional discounts every so often for your followers. A simple percentage off a purchase or item is enough to get their attention and drive your sales. Campaigns like this often end up making a company more money when opportunities to purchase items online are offered. Locals can share the information on their own social media pages, resulting in more sharing and more brand visibility.

Invitations to Mobile Applications

Offer a free item or steep discount for those downloading a company mobile application over a specific period. The app should have a built-in promotions tab that updates itself. Manual promotions should also be able to be used. Most of society accesses the Internet from a mobile device at least half of the time, making your company mobile and advertising it, makes your company more reputable with a local audience.

Video Advertisements

Video advertising is necessary. Society’s attention span is only about 3 minutes. This means that they would rather watch a video and listen to spoken words than read an article about a project. Rather than using a nationwide production company, hire a local company near you. Even if you’re not in a big city, there are a ton of local options, even Berkeley, CA has video production companies that studies video marketing trends. This company can help your business create a compelling video advertisement that your audience will appreciate, associate with, and share on social media channels.

Sponsored Ads

Sponsored advertisements are offered on several social media channels. These are not costly, but there should be a small budget for paid advertising via social media in your marketing strategy. The sponsored advertisements should include a visual element plus simple text. Video advertisements often work better for sponsored ads as action draws the attention of an audience in.

Create a Sharing Contest

Promoting your business, and growing the audience is easy with a simple contest. Create a contest that involves sharing or audience participation. Base the decision of the winners off of participation success. For example, offering a free product for the person with the most creative comment and likes of a comment is a good idea. This generates participation and gets more of the local community involved. You may also gain participation from elsewhere in the world, which should be welcomed.

Although promotions do cost a company a little bit of money, it is one of the best ways to advertise on social media. Society likes saving money and participating in contests.

Bottom Line

Simply posting advertising content on company social media pages is free. You can purchase sponsored ads or ad boosters from some social media networks, like Facebook, to show your advertisement to a larger group of people. Use social media as often as possible as it is the ideal way to reach a vast audience with diverse demographics.


Studies Show Happiness Isn’t Gained From Riches

We all struggle with wanting more. More money, more material items, luxury vacations, etc. It is common to feel unhappy because you do not have what everyone around you has. When you feel this way, it is important to get your mind going in the right direction. Take a look at what you do have. Family, friends, a home, a vehicle, your health. All of this is important and many times taken for granted.

As a mother, I want my children to learn that happiness is not gained from being rich. Having money does not necessarily mean that you will not have problems, just like you would if you were not loaded with money. Many people feel they need to make a ton of money and spend it on big homes and fancy cars. This is not the case. You may feel excited for a while but if you are truly unhappy, then the ‘rich stuff’ will not make you happier.

In my life, I am a very frugal person. I do not spend my money frivolously and I think long and hard before making any major purchases. I take joy in the little things, so I can easily feel happy by enjoying a nice cup of hot chocolate or hearing my children laugh. It is when you slow down and look at what you have in life, that you can truly begin to let go of other individuals ideals of what happy should be and find your own path to happiness.

Consider your latest big splurge. Did you really need to buy the item? Are you truly happier now that you have the item in your life? Would you be happier if you spent time with family or friends or used the money in a different way, perhaps a trip? This is why I consider all of my purchases. It is so easy to become caught up in everyday life or the excitement of a new gadget. Individuals make impulse buys and then regret it later. You do not have to be like everyone else and have an item just because everyone else does. Be your own person, feeling secure in what you have.

If you are someone who feels you must have everything everyone else does, you will need to change your way of thinking if you want to truly be happy. There are always underlying issues that are blocking your happiness. Consider what may be bothering you deep down to make the changes needed to feel secure with your self-worth and not dependent on material items to make you feel happy.

Top Frugal Sources We Learn From

As a family that saves money, we are always looking for new sources to learn how to be frugal. There are always articles online and programs that can be used to learn new ways to save. I would like to share a few of these sources with you, so below are a few of my favorite resources for saving money and living a more frugal lifestyle.

Believe it or not, Pinterest is a great resource for saving money. You can learn tips and tricks from individuals from around the world based on your savings need. Want to take a trip to Disney World? Try a trick found on Pinterest. Create a jar that says Dimes for Disney. Whenever you have a dime, put it in the jar. You can save money rather quickly for a nice trip to the most magical place on earth. Whatever you wish to save for or want to learn how to spend less on, you will find information on the unique website.

Krazy Koupon Lady
One of my favorite resources, especially during the holidays, is the Krazy Koupon Lady. This young lady helps me save on items I purchase for gifts during the holidays as well as how to save on household items and couponing. Her many Facebook pages are great resources that you can follow to learn about the latest sales and how you can save money on items you intend on purchasing. From coupon codes to money off, you will find great savings by using this resource.

Dave Ramsey
For many years, Dave Ramsey has been a go-to for learning how to save money. The financial guru has a website and programs you can purchase, but you can also find tips and tricks from his programs online. You can use his advice to learn how to pay off debt quickly or to simply learn how to spend less on items you need in everyday life.

My Mother
My best frugal source in my life has been my mother. My mother was a single mom and had to work hard to provide for me and my sister. I watched her pinch pennies and shop frugally to get what we needed without spending a lot. From shopping in thrift stores to yard sales, I learned how to spend less and use her teachings to this day. Think of people you know who are frugal and you can use them as a live resource to learning how to save money!

When You Know You’ve Gone Too Far

Because I live frugally, I am able to save money, not spending a great deal on the items I need. However, over the years, I have gone far beyond being frugal, sometimes going into cheap mode. It is wonderful to spend less and save money, being frugal in purchases. But it can easily become unhealthy when you are so cheap, you are not purchasing the things you need because you do not want to spend the money. There is a fine line between being frugal and being cheap, sometimes I tend to blur the line and go too far.

Going without Clothing or Shoes
In the past, I have went without certain pieces of clothing to not spend money. I have worn tennis shoes for years to not have to pay for new ones or put a shirt back on the rack that I liked just because it was going to cost me over $20. It can be easy to slip into super cheap mode when you are used to living frugally. When this happens, you have to tell yourself that it is okay to spend the money and that you will not be broke just by purchasing the items you need. Give yourself a pep talk and be okay with spending the money.

Denying Your Children Time and Time Again
When you find that you are denying your children money or the option to purchase even the smallest item, then you have taken frugality to an entirely new level. You have to teach them how to spend money wisely, but if they want a $1 candy bar, it is okay to let them have it every now and then. Think about how you are responding to your children when they ask for things and remember to give in every now and then so you do not go down the road to being completely cheap when shopping.

Hoarding Money
As you travel down the road of being frugal, you will begin to save money. As you save money, you can tend to begin to hoard it. Savers will get a thrill from saving cash and will begin to place money in jars or envelopes at home, keeping it from the spouse or loved ones. It is okay to save money and create a savings account. But be careful. You should not deny your spouse money because you are afraid to spend it. You must find a happy medium between spending and saving to meet your goals but also remain happy in your relationship with your loved ones.

What Does Being Frugal Truly Mean?

Ever since I was a child, I have lived a frugal lifestyle. My mother was divorced so she had to raise me and my sister on what she had. This means her very low paying job had to pay for our housing, utility bills, food, water, etc. It was extremely hard on my mother, having to learn how to stretch every penny. Despite not having much as a child, the frugality I saw instilled in me something that I never regret. I know how to save and spend money wisely, something that I hope to pass on to my children.
But how do you share frugality when you are not as poor as you once were? This is the hard part. What does it mean to truly be frugal? I feel being frugal does not mean you are cheap or a miser. I spend as little as possible to get what I need. This does not mean that I go without. It just means that I am more thoughtful with every purchase.

Living below your means
The best way to begin to be frugal is to try and live below your means. This doesn’t mean that you do not have the clothing, or home you like. It just means you think about these purchases beforehand. If you are a family of four, you probably do not need a 3,000 square foot home. You could live comfortably in 2,000 square feet which would cost probably $100,000 less than the larger home, depending on where you live. This is just one example as to how you can save money on your lifestyle but still have nice things. Simply consider the purchase you are making, comparing the pros and cons, without going crazy with your spending.

Budget Every Penny
The goal for my family is to have enough savings in the bank for a rainy day, if something comes up as well as retirement. When you live frugally and want to be able to have such savings, you must budget every penny. I keep track of all the money coming in as well as the money going out. I make sure the bills are paid and that any money we can put towards our savings, goes there, instead of being spent elsewhere. Spreadsheets come in very handy as you can easily look at what has been spent, where it went and what remains to be paid. You can also find services online that help you to keep track of your spending easily, which allows you to make changes when you see money being spent that could be avoided.

Being frugal is a choice. You have the make the decision that you are going to spend less money and have a goal in sight. Set small goals at first and work towards them. Once you reach a goal, you will feel better about moving forward with another goal as you begin the path to living a frugal lifestyle. You will reap the financial rewards that will do nothing but benefit your family!