About Us

We’re the Carter’s and we’re possibly the most frugal family you will ever meet, and by frugal we mean CHEAP. Yes, we’re not afraid to admit it! We’re cheap-o’s! We love it, our kids love it, and our friends find humor in it. When we first got married we both had debt. George with $12k and me, Olivia, with $20k (yeah I know, stop judging me! LOL).


When we had our first kid, it kind of knocked us back into reality. We knew we had to make some life changes. Three kids later, we’re debt free and happier than ever. We would say the strongest piece of advice we could give you is, money doesn’t buy happiness. When you’re about to buy something and you ask yourself “do I need this??” then you should probably just put it down and walk away. That’s not you overthinking, that’s your common sense telling you that you’re about to make a mistake.


Follow that gut feeling, it may feel cheap but you’ll be happier. Trust us.