5 Easy Ways You Can Be Advertising on Social Media

Having a social media presence is necessary in today’s world. Society gathers much of its information and bases much of its opinion of businesses from social media. It is important to be present, engaging, and interactive with your social media audience as well as providing them with content they want to look at or read.

Discounts for Followers

Offer promotional discounts every so often for your followers. A simple percentage off a purchase or item is enough to get their attention and drive your sales. Campaigns like this often end up making a company more money when opportunities to purchase items online are offered. Locals can share the information on their own social media pages, resulting in more sharing and more brand visibility.

Invitations to Mobile Applications

Offer a free item or steep discount for those downloading a company mobile application over a specific period. The app should have a built-in promotions tab that updates itself. Manual promotions should also be able to be used. Most of society accesses the Internet from a mobile device at least half of the time, making your company mobile and advertising it, makes your company more reputable with a local audience.

Video Advertisements

Video advertising is necessary. Society’s attention span is only about 3 minutes. This means that they would rather watch a video and listen to spoken words than read an article about a project. Rather than using a nationwide production company, hire a local company near you. Even if you’re not in a big city, there are a ton of local options, even Berkeley, CA has video production companies that studies video marketing trends. This company can help your business create a compelling video advertisement that your audience will appreciate, associate with, and share on social media channels.

Sponsored Ads

Sponsored advertisements are offered on several social media channels. These are not costly, but there should be a small budget for paid advertising via social media in your marketing strategy. The sponsored advertisements should include a visual element plus simple text. Video advertisements often work better for sponsored ads as action draws the attention of an audience in.

Create a Sharing Contest

Promoting your business, and growing the audience is easy with a simple contest. Create a contest that involves sharing or audience participation. Base the decision of the winners off of participation success. For example, offering a free product for the person with the most creative comment and likes of a comment is a good idea. This generates participation and gets more of the local community involved. You may also gain participation from elsewhere in the world, which should be welcomed.

Although promotions do cost a company a little bit of money, it is one of the best ways to advertise on social media. Society likes saving money and participating in contests.

Bottom Line

Simply posting advertising content on company social media pages is free. You can purchase sponsored ads or ad boosters from some social media networks, like Facebook, to show your advertisement to a larger group of people. Use social media as often as possible as it is the ideal way to reach a vast audience with diverse demographics.